Valentine’s Day Cakes

2018 01 04 (128)

Hi Mini Friends,

It is a New Year and many new minis!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!  It has been a busy time since the New Year.  I have started working on Valentine’s Day items.  I am running a little late this year.

Well, I decided to make several cakes.  I wanted a little chocolate cake with strawberry icing.  I started out making a 1:6 playscale size cake.  I cut 3 circles out of brown clay.  I then cut the other 2 circles out of pink clay, to give the strawberry cake icing.  Next, I decided to do the same for a 1:12 one inch scale cake.   Then, I decided that I needed another cake.  I wanted to try making a 1:24 half inch scale cake.  I cut the same 3 circles of brown cake, then 2 circles for the pink icing in the middle.  I really wanted to keep making cakes, so I decided to make a 1:48 scale cake.   This cake was really hard.  I have a lot of respect for miniature artist that work in the smaller scales.  It really takes talent and really steady hands.  I tried making a 1:48 scale cake and it was so hard.  I could not even slice the cake.  It was so tiny and delicate.   I ended up making several cakes.

For the next step, I put all of the circles together.  Then I cut a slice out of each cake, well, at least the larger ones that were easy to cut.  The other smaller cakes I decided to leave alone and just put the icing on top without any slicing or flaking.

Ok, after I cut a slice I started flaking the cake slice and the cake.   I have learned the hard way to bake the slice and cake after flaking.  I bake them for about 5-10 minutes.  Once they are cooled down, I start mixing my pink icing.  I basically took a bright pink icing and added a little transclucent and a little white clay.  I then added a little tls to the mix.  I started mixing and kept adding white and transclucent until I had the pink color that looked like strawberry frosting.  Lastly, I spread the strawberry icing on top of all of the cakes.

Now, the finished project includes cakes in 1:6 playscale, 1:12 scale, 1:24 scale and 1:48 scale cakes.  I love looking at the different size comparisons.  It has been so much fun making new cakes, basically the same cake, in several different sizes and scales.  I love looking at the finished product.

Well, it is time to bake more in the mini kitchen for Valentine’s Day.

Hope you enjoy!




Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 10 (last day)

Hello mini friends!

It is officially Christmas day!  Time for our last, but not least, Gingerbread House Countdown post!  I have saved my favorite gingerbread house for last!!!

On this beautiful gingerbread house, we have a pretty gingerbread roof with white icing and delicious cherry and mint chocolate balls on top!  Look a bit farther down, now we have delicious green, white and red candy canes on the ground place around the walkway.  You can also find some candy Christmas tree decorations on the right side of the gingerbread house!  Keep exploring!  There is a chocolate peppermint pathway and a chocolate & golden chocolate ball door!  And to top it all off, there is a beautiful red, green, and white peppermint heart right above the door!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!  Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 9

Hello mini friends & Merry Christmas eve!

Only one day left of the Gingerbread House Countdown sadly.  But luckily, we have a few extra gingerbread houses to be posted today & tomorrow!

Well today we have our very first all chocolate gingerbread house!  I made it by covering the gingerbread house with beautiful white icing, adding chocolate swirls on the roof and above the chocolate door, placing chocolate candy canes on the ground, making chocolate windows, having a chocolate pathway, and lastly, making a chocolate gingerbread man!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 8

Hello mini friends!

Can’t believe it, only 2 days left until Christmas!

On this gingerbread house, I covered the walls, middle of the roof, and ground with white icing, and instead covered the roof with sparkly sugar crystals, which sadly are not edible. After that, I covered the roof with some green and white peppermint sticks and covered the ground with green & white peppermint candies and candy canes. Then, I added a green mint door and painted icing across it to make it a window looking door! Finally, I just made a few swirls with the white icing and added a lemon candy above the door!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 7

Hello mini friends!

 The 7th day of our countdown already!  Only 3 days left so we might have to post an extra gingerbread house or two for Christmas & Christmas eve!  But lets save that for later!  Gingerbread house time!

On this gingerbread house I iced the ground, roof and walls with beautiful white icing.  I also used white icing to draw the windows. Next, I added candy canes surrounded by a chocolate pathway.  I wonder if candy canes are similar to bushes and small trees for gingerbread people . . . Next, I made a little red, white and green peppermint tree with gold candies in the back.  Finally, I added a beautiful wreath above the door!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 6

Hello mini friends!

Yes!  It is time for day 6 of our gingerbread house countdown!

Just another pretty green peppermint except for a few even more pretty decorations!  I gave the house a green peppermint border!  Next, I added green chocolate balls on the ground on the sides and on the roof.  After that, I made a green peppermint walkway, along with adding a chocolate door with icing!  Finally, I added two cute gingerbread men on the side and a Christmas tree hanging right above the door!  The measurements of this house was a bit off, but with such cute decorations, it is barely noticeable!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 5

Hello mini friends!

Already day 5 of the countdown?  Christmas is coming so soon!  It is time for another gingerbread house!

This very special gingerbread house is a bit more colorful!  We start off with just white icing drizzled on the house, then a bit more colors come in when some golden candy balls get added to the top!  Oh no!  It is raining lime & strawberry flavored ribbon candy!  Run inside!

Now some ribbon candy has been added to the ground and middle of the very top of the gingerbread house!  All that was left to add was a chocolate bar door and a beautiful red star!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 4

Hello mini friends!

Wow! It is already day 4 of our gingerbread house countdown!  Well lets get onto it!

Each and every gingerbread house I make is normally a bit different!  Well today we have a gingerbread house, with white icing covering the sides and green & white peppermints for the windows!  I added some green mint candy balls on the roof of the house and the border.  After that, you can see a beautiful golden candy doorstep, green mint door, and a beautiful lemon flavored candy star right above the door!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown Day 3

Hello mini friends!

It is officially day 3 of our Gingerbread house countdown!  Each day even prettier gingerbread houses are posted!

On this gingerbread house, I did a bit of an almost diamond looking print on the roof with the way I drizzled the icing, and put some delicious gold candies on top!  I also added a snowy looking type of icing onto the ground.  I then decorated it with a chocolate & peppermint walkway.  Along with also adding green, red and white candy canes on the side.  Finally, to top it all off, I made some beautiful super small Christmas trees!

Hope you enjoy!

Gingerbread House Countdown – Day 2  

Hello mini friends!

It is the second day of our gingerbread house countdown, and today I bring you a mini 1:12 scale gingerbread house!

Just from the picture below, you can probably tell that it is mostly all peppermint flavored!  If only this was real food & edible!  But anyways, I iced the gingerbread house with white icing.  Next, I added peppermint sticks, candy canes, and red velvet sprinkles!  I also added a cute little snowflake right above the chocolate door & chocolate walkway.

Hope you enjoy!

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