Valentine’s Day Cakes…Day 3


Hi Mini Friends!

We are counting down to Valentine’s Day.  Since starting miniature making, I have learned that baking in a real kitchen is very similar to “baking” in miniature form.  From the mixing dough color to the frosting and decorations, they are basically the same, but one is edible.  Miniature desserts are some of my favorite items to make.  I try to create a dessert just like the ones in real life.  Basically, if you took a cake and reduced the size, our mini friends could actually eat the dessert.

One of my favorite dessert cakes to make in real life and miniature baking is a red velvet cake.  I think it is a perfect cake for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

So today I have made a 3 layer red velvet dessert cake with creamy white frosting.  I decided to make this cake in 1:12 scale.

Hope you enjoy!