Valentine’s Miniature Cakes…Day 6


Hi Everyone,

Well, today has been another busy day. It has been raining here and now it is a little colder outside.   I have been in the real kitchen baking again today.   I made lots of oatmeal cookies and oatmeal granola bars.

So today in our “mini” kitchen, I thought about making oatmeal cookies too, but that was not a cake and not really a Valentines day theme.  So, I thought what else can we add to oatmeal cookies, and of course I thought of chocolate chips.  Yeah, we are back to Valentine’s with chocolate.  So today I made a nice chocolate cake with a little nutty caramel topping to reflect a little oatmeal look, then added a chocolate heart to the center.  I made this cake in 1:6 playscale.

Hope you enjoy!