Dollhouse Miniatures Cake Sizes


Hi Mini Friends,

I am so excited today!  I have been baking in the Mini Kitchen.  When I first started making miniatures, I only made food for the fashion size dolls, 1:6 playscale.  Then I gradually started making a few 1:12 scale items.  I made things like cards, magazines & newspapers. Finally, I purchased a 1:12 scale doll.  Then I started making candy and small dessert items in 1:12 scale.  Now I have ventured into making cakes and cupcakes in 1:12 scale.  They are so cute and tiny compared to the 1:6 playscale items.

I have been creating new items for Easter and I had to show the comparison for the different scales.  I made 2 cakes in the same pattern.  The one on the left is in 1:6 playscale and the one on the right is 1:12 scale.  

I think one of the major differences is the amount of clay it takes to create each cake.  Of course, the 12th scale takes a lot less clay.  The 1:6 playscale cake measures approx. 1 11/16 inches.  The 12th scale cake measures approx. 3/4 inches.  Big difference!  They are both fun to make and I love comparing the two different sizes.  I wanted to share the difference in the scales.  It truly is amazing.  

Hope you enjoy!