Dollhouse Miniature Easter Egg Braided Bread Cakes

Hi Everyone,

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had just finished cooking some Easter Egg Braided Breads/Cakes.  I had to wait for them to finish drying after coating.  I finally took pictures tonight of the Easter breads.

I textured the breads, then added some coloring.  I then added a few Easter eggs on each bread/cake.  Then finally, I added a little drizzle of icing to each cake.  These were a little messy, but fun to make.

The first picture is the long plain braided breads with Easter eggs.  The other two pictures are a couple of different Braided Ring Breads with Easter Eggs.  I made several different sizes of both.  Some are 1:6 Playscale and the others are 1:12 One Inch Scale.  Some of the rings are a little big/wide/fat/thick and others are a little smaller/thinner.

I cannot decide which ones that I like the best.  Do you like the rings or just the plain breads?  I guess it really depends on the Easter scene.

I didn’t get a chance to post last night, sorry for the delay.

Hope you enjoy!

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