Dollhouse Miniature Lemon Pie

2017 03 26 (16)

Hi Mini Friends,

Ok, I am excited to show you these pies!  I have been having so much fun making different sized cakes.  So, I decided to try another favorite dessert treat…pie.  I think lemon meringue pie is such a nice spring time/Easter pie.  It is so light and fluffy, and so cute!

So today I have 2 pies.  The one on the left is made in 1:6 Play Scale and the one on the right is made in 1:12 One Inch Scale.  The meringue on the top is the hardest part of making this pie.  Oh, and the toasting of the meringue.  I think that I could have made it a little more toasty.  Oh well, next time.

Hope you enjoy!


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