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Another Dollhouse Miniature Custom Birthday Cake Order

bday cake.png

Hi mini friends,

Today I have another custom birthday cake order.  This was a specialty order from a customer that wanted a miniature version of her daughters’ actual chocolate cake.  So she could keep it forever.

The picture she sent was a chocolate 2 layer cake with strawberry frosting.  It had pink swirl frosting with rosettes on top and candles.  I started learning how to make the birthday candles for clay cakes.  It was hard because candles out of clay would break when you hold them or try to frost and coat the candles.  I learned that the hard way.  So, then I tried toothpicks.  They were a little big on the cakes and really didn’t look right.  So, then I tried eye pins.  That worked!  It was really trial and error for the candles.  In the end, it finally worked out and the client was very happy.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Custom Birthday Cake Order

2017 05 28 (23)

Hi mini friends,

I have been busy in the mini kitchen making custom order birthday cakes.  Today I am posting this Rainbow Layered Confetti Cake with rainbow snowballs and custom candle.

This was a fun order.  The client wanted rainbow layers for the icing, and confetti sprinkles inside for the cake layers.  They also requested rainbow snowballs for the top with confetti sprinkles.  The number candle was a first for my cakes.  I have tried a few candles before but never with numbers.  This was a little tricky.  I outlined the number with purple.  I planned to add rainbow dots to the candle, but it was so small that I did not want to mess up the number.

After finishing the cake, I realized that the slice is a little uneven.  But it was too late to fix the error.  The customer was happy with the result.  So, I guess I learned a little more when cutting a large layered cake.  I also learned a new technique for the candle and made a very happy customer.

This was really fun!

Hope you enjoy!
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Dollhouse Miniature Spring Macaron Cake


Hi Mini Friends,

It is very hot and humid, so I decided to cook more cakes in the mini kitchen instead of heating up the real kitchen.  This is a little more fun than making real food.  Anyway, I love the light and spring colors.  I tried to make a Spring Macaron Cake.  I chose to use yellow, pink and blue for the cake layers.  I also used the same colors for the macarons on top of the cake.  I really wanted more of a pastel color for the layers, but I did not make them light enough.  I still love the look.  Oh, and I added a little confetti look to the top center of the cake.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Neapolitan Cakes

2017 05 08 (39)
Hi Mini Friends,

I saw a picture of a Neapolitan real life cake that looked so delicious that I decided to make one in the mini kitchen.  So, one cake turned into another and another cake, then another.  Then I decided to make more Neapolitan sweets.  It reminded me of ice cream, so I had to make ice cream cones and ice cream sandwiches and ice cream popsicles.  Needless to say, I have been very busy in the mini kitchen making tons of cakes and ice cream.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Key Lime Pie


Hi Mini Friends,

I am still in the pie mood, so today I wanted to share a spring pie.  Since lime is a citrus fruit, I decided to make a key lime pie.  It seems a little spring/summer.  On the inside I made it a little different.  I decided to try adding a few more “bubbles” to make it look like it was more moist.  Then I added a little whip cream and limes to finish the look.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Cherry Lattice Pie


Hi Mini Friends,

Today I have been cooking in the mini kitchen.  Spring is here and it feels like pies are in the air everywhere.  Well, really pies and ice cream are everywhere.  So, I wanted to make a few pies.  I love the lattice work on cherry and apple pies, so I decided to make one.

The picture above is a cherry pie with the lattice top.  I made some cherries and added a little “cherry juice” on the inside.  I then made the lattice top and used a little chalk to make the lattice and bottom of the pie look cooked.  I decided not to slice the pie.  I really did not want to mess up the lattice look.  I am really happy with the final outcome.  The top looks so pretty.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Desserts

2017 05 04 (6)
Hi Mini Friends,

I have been busy in the mini kitchen making all kinds of desserts.  Today I decided to make some brownies.  But instead of just regular fudge brownies, I wanted to add a little extra sweetness.

So, today I made a few plates of fudge brownies.   I topped the brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream.  Then, I added a little fudge dripping on the vanilla ice cream.  I finished off the dessert with a cherry on top.  I placed them on a one inch dessert plate.

Hope you enjoy!

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