Dollhouse Miniature Custom Birthday Cake Order

2017 05 28 (23)

Hi mini friends,

I have been busy in the mini kitchen making custom order birthday cakes.  Today I am posting this Rainbow Layered Confetti Cake with rainbow snowballs and custom candle.

This was a fun order.  The client wanted rainbow layers for the icing, and confetti sprinkles inside for the cake layers.  They also requested rainbow snowballs for the top with confetti sprinkles.  The number candle was a first for my cakes.  I have tried a few candles before but never with numbers.  This was a little tricky.  I outlined the number with purple.  I planned to add rainbow dots to the candle, but it was so small that I did not want to mess up the number.

After finishing the cake, I realized that the slice is a little uneven.  But it was too late to fix the error.  The customer was happy with the result.  So, I guess I learned a little more when cutting a large layered cake.  I also learned a new technique for the candle and made a very happy customer.

This was really fun!

Hope you enjoy!
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