Another Dollhouse Miniature Custom Birthday Cake Order

bday cake.png

Hi mini friends,

Today I have another custom birthday cake order.  This was a specialty order from a customer that wanted a miniature version of her daughters’ actual chocolate cake.  So she could keep it forever.

The picture she sent was a chocolate 2 layer cake with strawberry frosting.  It had pink swirl frosting with rosettes on top and candles.  I started learning how to make the birthday candles for clay cakes.  It was hard because candles out of clay would break when you hold them or try to frost and coat the candles.  I learned that the hard way.  So, then I tried toothpicks.  They were a little big on the cakes and really didn’t look right.  So, then I tried eye pins.  That worked!  It was really trial and error for the candles.  In the end, it finally worked out and the client was very happy.

Hope you enjoy!

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