Dollhouse Miniature Watermelon Cake

2017 06 26 1 (11)

Hi Mini Friends,

Since I have been making watermelon bowls and watermelon prep boards, I decided I needed a little more watermelon.  I needed to make a watermelon cake!

So, I made a 2 layer cake.  The inside portion of the cake, is a little red with “seeds” on the inside.  I layered a light green icing on the outside to mimic the watermelon rind.  I really could not decide on a color for the inside.  I thought to add more of a red shade for the inside, but I thought it would just blend into the other layers.  I thought about white, but finally decided on the same green shade as the outside layer.  I planned to add a white whipped cream to the top center of the cake and forgot until after it was baked.  So, I was a little late.  I think it looks cute even without a topping.

Hope you enjoy!

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