Dollhouse Miniature July 4th Pinwheel Cake

2017 06 04 (271)

Hello Mini Friends,

We are one day away from celebrating July 4th.  Since I wanted to keep with the red, white & blue theme, I decided to make a layered cake.  I wanted a red layer and a blue layer.  I really could not decide.  So, I finally decided on red & blue layers for the cake.  I covered the cake with white icing.  I then wanted a cute July 4th symbol on the cake.  I thought the pinwheel would look really cute to bring in the red & blue layers.  This was actually my first pinwheel that I have made out of clay.  I was really happy that it turned out so cute.  I then added some red & blue sprinkles to the top next to the pinwheel.  This was a fun cake.  I really want to make more pinwheels.

Hope you enjoy!

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