Dollhouse Miniature Ice Cream Cone Cake

2017 07 06 (46)

Hi Mini Friends,

I was searching online for food recipes.  Somehow my mind always runs back to mini land.  And then I started searching desserts, well, cakes.  Then I found this adorable cake online and I just had to try it in miniature size.  It is an ice cream cone cake.  The cone is flipped upside down with one scoop of ice cream.  Then, drizzle the ice cream down the cake to make it look like it is melting.  Finally, add a few sprinkles.  I love it!  It turned out so cute!  I like the melting ice cream look.  Now, I really want to try the real life size ice cream cone cake that gave the inspiration, or maybe just make another miniature ice cream cone cake!

Hope you enjoy!

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