Triple Layer Chocolate Miniature Cake

2017 07 16 (28)

Hi Mini Friends,

Today I saw another picture online with a life size real chocolate cake.  It was not like any regular chocolate cake.  This was a 3 layer naked chocolate cake with chocolate drizzle flowing down each layer.  The top had chocolate curled shavings.  So, of course, I had to try the cake.  It was just so cute and yummy.  So, I made the cake.

Everything turned out ok.  I am still having a hard time with the drizzle look.  It is a little harder to get the tls to look like more of a pouring liquid. Then, I added the “chocolate curls” to the top of the cake.  I tried baking the chocolate first.  But the curls just fell apart.  So then I tried shaving the raw clay and wrapping the curls around a toothpick.  That technique worked a little better.  So here is the final project.

Hope you enjoy!

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