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Dollhouse Jack-O-Lantern

2017 08 22 (47)

Hi Everyone,

Today I decided to try something new.  I decided to make a mini jack-o-lantern…or something.  It did not turn out like I pictured.  First, I started with orange clay, making a pumpkin shape.  I added a little lighter yellow color inside the pumpkin so when I started carving the face, you would see the yellow instead of just an empty shell.  I then took a little brown acrylic paint.  I applied it with a makeup sponge.  Then immediately took a paper towel and wiped it off of the pumpkin.  This gave some brown spots in the crevices.  It made the pumpkin look a little “weathered”.  Then I set it aside to finish drying while I worked on the “guts”.

For the pumpkin guts, I made a batch of yellow, orange, tan and translucent clay, mixed up and cooked for about five minutes.  This allowed me to have the clay semi-baked, so I could cut up the clay to make it look like the inside of the pumpkin.  So I added a little TLS and chalk to the cut up cooked clay to make it look like the inside of the pumpkin.  I became a little impatient and didn’t give the TLS time to “melt” the baked clay a little more.  You can tell in the picture that some of the baked clay did not get cut up enough.  I noticed the lighter colored clay almost looks like noodles instead of stringy guts, but by that time it was too late.  I set this aside.

Now, back to the actual pumpkin.  I then cut out a brown rectangle piece to set the pumpkin scene on top.  I had an extra newspaper so I added that to the scene with a little TLS.  I then added the pumpkin.  Finally, I put some pumpkin guts falling out of the top of the pumpkin and onto the sides.  I even have a few pieces of the cut pumpkin attached in front of the pumpkin on the newspaper.  It looks a little more like a pumpkin soup instead of the pumpkin guts.

Thanks so much for reading and if you have an opinion on what went wrong or any ideas, please comment.

Hope you enjoy!

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Miniature Pumpkin Ombre Cake

9 2017 08 b11 (70)

Hi Mini Friends,

Today I wanted to share another take on a Miniature Pumpkin Ombre Cake.  I tried to make it a little different.  This time I used similar colors to my candy corn cakes.  It turned out a little brighter than expected.  I started with the dark orange color for the bottom layer.  I then used another lighter orange (bright orange) for the middle layer.  I then added a little white and translucent to the bright orange to make the lighter top layer color.  It really did not look too bright before cooking, or maybe I was too tired and didn’t realize how bright the colors looked.  I layered and flaked the cake.  Then, I added 3 small little pumpkins on top.  Lastly, I added a little bit of brown clay as a rope form.  I shaped the rope to look like mini vines flowing from the pumpkins.  I think next time I will use the darker orange to give more of an autumn look.  Oh well, onto the next project!

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Pumpkin Candy

2017 08 22 (7)

Hi Mini Friends,

The weather is changing and it feels like fall in the air.  So, I wanted to create a pumpkin with candy.  I had extra pieces of candy left over that I wanted to use.  I really could not decide how to stage the pumpkin and the candy, so I cut out a rectangle piece of clay for a tray.  I made a small little pumpkin and gave her a cute little face.   I placed the pumpkin on the tray and added a few pieces of candy inside.  I had a few candy corn pieces, some candy sticks, extra licorice and a few other pieces of candy.  I added too many to the tray and had to take off several because you could not see the tray.  I then tried again and added just a few pieces.  This is the final project.

Hope you enjoy!

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