Miniature Pumpkin Ombre Cake

9 2017 08 b11 (70)

Hi Mini Friends,

Today I wanted to share another take on a Miniature Pumpkin Ombre Cake.  I tried to make it a little different.  This time I used similar colors to my candy corn cakes.  It turned out a little brighter than expected.  I started with the dark orange color for the bottom layer.  I then used another lighter orange (bright orange) for the middle layer.  I then added a little white and translucent to the bright orange to make the lighter top layer color.  It really did not look too bright before cooking, or maybe I was too tired and didn’t realize how bright the colors looked.  I layered and flaked the cake.  Then, I added 3 small little pumpkins on top.  Lastly, I added a little bit of brown clay as a rope form.  I shaped the rope to look like mini vines flowing from the pumpkins.  I think next time I will use the darker orange to give more of an autumn look.  Oh well, onto the next project!

Hope you enjoy!

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