Holiday Ribbon Candy

Hello mini friends!

Today I’m so excited to show you all some new ribbon candy I recently made!

While getting ready for the holidays, delicious ribbon candy just looks so pretty!  Because of this, I just had to make some in mini size!

I basically just used some colorful clay colors, including red, white, and green clay. I mixed the different clay colors together and bunched up the clay.  It was finally finished!

These took many hours to make but turned out so pretty!

Hope you enjoy!

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Gingerbread Spice Cakes

Hi mini friends!

Lately I have been working on tons of brand new holiday cakes and so far, they seem to be turning out great!

These aren’t all of my new holiday cakes, but a few!  So here today with us are four new gingerbread spice cakes I made a few days ago!

Once I mixed the perfect spice color with my polymer clay, I just shaped them into a cake shape. I then iced outside of the cakes with white liquid clay. To add a final touch, I added a decoration on the tops of each cake.  One cake has gingerbread star cookies on top, another has some gingerbread men on top, then another has some gingerbread tree cookies on top and the final one has a few gingerbread sprinkles on top.

They turned out really pretty.  You can see in the picture that I made two cakes in 1:6 scale, one in 1:12 scale, and one in 1:24 scale.  Personally, I have to admit the 1:24 scale cake is my favorite out of all of them.  It is so tiny and cute!

Hope you enjoy!

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Peppermint Bark Cake

Hello mini friends!

Today I am so excited to show you this delicious peppermint bark cake!  I actually made it around last year.  Such a huge improvement on my cakes compared to last year, but I still really love this cake!

It was actually very simple to make. I started off with a beige cake base.  Next, I drizzled some chocolate syrup (liquid clay) on top of the cake.  By this time it looked good, but it still needed a peppermint candy touch!  I then added a few pieces of shredded peppermint pieces (red and white clay cut up) to the sides of the cake.  I also used some polymer clay to make some peppermint bark, broke it into pieces, and placed it on the cake.

Hope you enjoy!

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Candy Apples!

Hello mini friends!

Today I’m going to be showing you some delicious mini candy apples I made back during earlier this year.

To make these candy apples, I just rolled some red and green clay, rolled them into balls, and shaped the balls into an apple shape.  I then used some liquid clay mixed with chalk to make the cherry sauce & caramel. I used shredded pieces of beige clay to make the nuts.

They took awhile to make but look so delicious!

Hope you enjoy!2017 06 10 (8)

Mini Fruit Bread

Hello mini friends!

Today I’m so excited to show some brand new fruit bread I recently created with polymer clay!

First, I took a few different colors of clay like red, green, and black to make it look like fruit. Next, I cooked the rolled up pieces of clay for about 5-10 minutes. Then, I chopped up the slices of cooked clay to look like fruit. I added it to the light colored dough and shaped it into a bread form. After that, I used a rolled up ball of foil and slightly pushed it on the dough to give it a cooked texture. I used a needle tool to make some marks into the bread to make it really look like it was cooked. Finally I used chalk to color the bread to make it look freshly baked out of the mini oven! You might be able to notice the bread was a bit burnt, but no worries! It is still delicious!

Last little extra detail, I covered them with plastic and added an adorable ribbon!

Hope you enjoy!

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Gingerbread Candy Cane Cake

Hello mini friends!

Today I will be showing you a cake I recently made!

For this cake I decided to create a delicious mini candy cane & gingerbread cake!  It turned out really pretty!

To create this cake, I just cut out a circle shape of white clay.  Next, I twisted some red and white clay to make a few small candy canes.  I had some peppermint colored clay left over from the candy canes so I wrapped some of it around the top and bottom of the cake.  I then put some beige clay in a mold to create the gingerbread men.  When I took them out of the mold, I placed them on the top of the cake.  Finally, I made a peppermint candy and added it in the middle of the cake.

Hope you enjoy!

Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Hi mini friends!

I recently created this new delicious miniature chocolate peppermint cake!  I started making this cake as a chocolate cake with white icing inside.  I then decided to give it white icing on the sides, drizzled with chopped peppermint pieces.  I added some delicious peppermint swirls on the top.  Finally, I added a beautiful miniature candy cane in the middle of the cake.

Hope you enjoy!