Miniature Dollhouse Watermelon Cupcakes

2017 04 24 (121)

Hi Mini Friends,

Since Spring is here, I decided to make some light & fresh cupcakes.  I love watermelon, so I wanted to make watermelon flavored cupcakes.  I made the base of the cupcakes with a pinkish look and added “seeds”.  I then made the top part of the cupcake with a light green clay mixed with a little white swirl to make it a little lighter.  It also makes the top look like the rim part of the watermelon, since it has shades of green and the white rim.  I love the final look.

Hope you enjoy!

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Valentine’s Miniature Cakes…Day 12


Hi Mini Friends,

We only have a few more days to the end of our countdown.  I really could not make up my mind today, but I really felt like a strawberry day.  And what goes better with strawberries?  Maybe a little creme?  

So today, I have a special treat.  I decided to make 2 different strawberries & creme cakes.  The first cake, on the left, is a strawberry with creme frosting.  I added some pretty little hearts for Valentine’s Day.  It was made in 1:12 Scale.

The second cake, on the right, is also a strawberry with creme frosting cake.  It was made in 1:6 Playscale.  

Hope you enjoy! 

Valentine’s Miniature Cakes…Day 11

2017 01 26 (8).JPG

Hi Everyone,

Today has been a running errands day.  So instead of fixing something healthy, like a fruit filled cake (cake is not really healthy), I decided to go a little on the sweeter side.  Ok, I really need chocolate today.  

So today, for our countdown to Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a strawberry cake with chocolate icing.  Did you notice?  I still added strawberry to give it a little healthy twist.  Ok, I really just wanted chocolate today.  Our day 11 cake was made in 1:12 Scale.

Hope you enjoy!