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Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Gingerbread House

2017 10 02 (61)

Hi Mini Friends,

I have been busy baking in the mini kitchen.  I started working on Christmas Gingerbread Houses.  I finished a few different ones.  Today I wanted to share one of the larger ones.  I made a couple of different sized houses.  The smaller ones fit more smaller dolls around the 12th scale size.  This one I made for my larger dolls, my barbie sized dolls.

I first made the base.  Then I cut out the front, side and top panels for the house.  I baked all of the pieces first.  Next, I put the pieces together on the base.  I used a combo of tls and white clay for the white icing look.  It really make everything hold together, like a mini glue paste.  I used the white icing to decorate the top of the roof, the sides and front of the house.  I then added a few extra candies.  It still looked as if it needed something else, so I added 2 gingerbread men with a little “tree” in the background.  I finished off the look with some ribbon candy that I had previously made.  And the last thing, I topped everything off with a few “sugar sprinkles”.

Hope you enjoy!

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