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Dollhouse Miniature Strawberry Cake

2017 06 04 (254)

Hi Mini Friends,

I have been baking in the mini kitchen.  I tried to stay with the red, white & blue theme for the holiday weekend.  So instead of cherries, I decided to move to strawberries.  I tried a new rectangle cake.  I usually make the easy round cakes.  This time I wanted a little square/rectangle cake.  I cut 2 slices out of the cake.  The icing between the layers are a red strawberry color.  The outside is decorated with a white icing and trim around the top and bottom.  Finally, I added strawberry cane slices around the top.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Watermelon Cake

2017 06 26 1 (11)

Hi Mini Friends,

Since I have been making watermelon bowls and watermelon prep boards, I decided I needed a little more watermelon.  I needed to make a watermelon cake!

So, I made a 2 layer cake.  The inside portion of the cake, is a little red with “seeds” on the inside.  I layered a light green icing on the outside to mimic the watermelon rind.  I really could not decide on a color for the inside.  I thought to add more of a red shade for the inside, but I thought it would just blend into the other layers.  I thought about white, but finally decided on the same green shade as the outside layer.  I planned to add a white whipped cream to the top center of the cake and forgot until after it was baked.  So, I was a little late.  I think it looks cute even without a topping.

Hope you enjoy!

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Lemon Poppy Seed Dollhouse Cake

2017 04 16 (13).JPG

Hi Mini Friends,

Spring is here and it is so warm outside.  I have been making everything with fresh lemons. The smell of the lemons is so light and fresh.  So, I decided I needed to make something for the dollhouse.  My minis need a lemon dessert too!

I decided to make a 3 layer Lemon Poppy Seed Cake.  I love how the “poppy seeds” show once the cake is cut.  I made a light lemon icing.  I also added fresh lemon canes to the top.  They were really fun to make.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Banana Cakes

2017 03 26 (2)

Hi Mini Friends,

I have another treat for you today.  Actually, it is two treats.  I made 2 different banana cakes.  One in 1:6 Playscale and one in 1:12 One Inch Scale.

Both cakes have 3 layers.  I topped the cakes with a banana cane.  I did cheat a little.  I just used a purchased banana cane and sliced it up for the topping.  The banana cane doesn’t look as fresh cut.

Hope you enjoy!

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Dollhouse Miniature Cake Sizes #2


Hi Everyone,

I have been baking in the mini kitchen for Easter.  I wanted to make another set of size comparison cakes.  Tonight I am posting chocolate caramel cakes.  I decided to cut and flake the cakes for a true comparison.

The one on the left is made for 1:6 playscale and the one on the right is 1:12 scale.  I created 3 layers for the 12th scale cake and made a 2 layer cake for the playscale size.  It seems like  more layers in the playscale size can make the cake look a little hefty and not sized correctly.  It really just depends on the cake type.  

I will be making more Easter cakes to show soon.

Hope you enjoy!





Dollhouse Miniatures Cake Sizes


Hi Mini Friends,

I am so excited today!  I have been baking in the Mini Kitchen.  When I first started making miniatures, I only made food for the fashion size dolls, 1:6 playscale.  Then I gradually started making a few 1:12 scale items.  I made things like cards, magazines & newspapers. Finally, I purchased a 1:12 scale doll.  Then I started making candy and small dessert items in 1:12 scale.  Now I have ventured into making cakes and cupcakes in 1:12 scale.  They are so cute and tiny compared to the 1:6 playscale items.

I have been creating new items for Easter and I had to show the comparison for the different scales.  I made 2 cakes in the same pattern.  The one on the left is in 1:6 playscale and the one on the right is 1:12 scale.  

I think one of the major differences is the amount of clay it takes to create each cake.  Of course, the 12th scale takes a lot less clay.  The 1:6 playscale cake measures approx. 1 11/16 inches.  The 12th scale cake measures approx. 3/4 inches.  Big difference!  They are both fun to make and I love comparing the two different sizes.  I wanted to share the difference in the scales.  It truly is amazing.  

Hope you enjoy!