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Valentine’s Day Cakes

2018 01 04 (128)

Hi Mini Friends,

It is a New Year and many new minis!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas & New Year!  It has been a busy time since the New Year.  I have started working on Valentine’s Day items.  I am running a little late this year.

Well, I decided to make several cakes.  I wanted a little chocolate cake with strawberry icing.  I started out making a 1:6 playscale size cake.  I cut 3 circles out of brown clay.  I then cut the other 2 circles out of pink clay, to give the strawberry cake icing.  Next, I decided to do the same for a 1:12 one inch scale cake.   Then, I decided that I needed another cake.  I wanted to try making a 1:24 half inch scale cake.  I cut the same 3 circles of brown cake, then 2 circles for the pink icing in the middle.  I really wanted to keep making cakes, so I decided to make a 1:48 scale cake.   This cake was really hard.  I have a lot of respect for miniature artist that work in the smaller scales.  It really takes talent and really steady hands.  I tried making a 1:48 scale cake and it was so hard.  I could not even slice the cake.  It was so tiny and delicate.   I ended up making several cakes.

For the next step, I put all of the circles together.  Then I cut a slice out of each cake, well, at least the larger ones that were easy to cut.  The other smaller cakes I decided to leave alone and just put the icing on top without any slicing or flaking.

Ok, after I cut a slice I started flaking the cake slice and the cake.   I have learned the hard way to bake the slice and cake after flaking.  I bake them for about 5-10 minutes.  Once they are cooled down, I start mixing my pink icing.  I basically took a bright pink icing and added a little transclucent and a little white clay.  I then added a little tls to the mix.  I started mixing and kept adding white and transclucent until I had the pink color that looked like strawberry frosting.  Lastly, I spread the strawberry icing on top of all of the cakes.

Now, the finished project includes cakes in 1:6 playscale, 1:12 scale, 1:24 scale and 1:48 scale cakes.  I love looking at the different size comparisons.  It has been so much fun making new cakes, basically the same cake, in several different sizes and scales.  I love looking at the finished product.

Well, it is time to bake more in the mini kitchen for Valentine’s Day.

Hope you enjoy!